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Upholstery & Mattresses

Quality Upholstery Cleaning Services

Your upholstery receives a lot of wear and tear over time. It also comes into regular contact with dirt, stains and sweat. Pet odours too if you have pets at home. If your upholstered furniture hasn’t been professionally cleaned in a couple of years then it’s well overdue. This is where our upholstery service will help. Our Technicians use the latest fast drying upholstery cleaning equipment, have many years experience, are fully insured and offer a fantastic level of customer service

How we clean upholstery

The first thing we do is look at the construction of the fabric to find out the exact type of fabric we are cleaning. Then a commercial vacuum cleaner is used to dry extract all the dry dirt and dust from your furniture.


Following this we then apply our cleaning solution which is massaged into every fibre. This slowly loosens all the dirt, sweat and stains off the fabric. Finally we use our fast drying cleaning process that will leave your upholstery looking brilliant.


After the cleaning process has been carried out you will be amazed at the result. You are left with hygienically clean furniture that feels softer and smells a lot fresher. The drying time depends on the fabric type but most suites are generally dry within 2 hours.

Upholstery Stain Removal

We are experienced in the removal of stains from fabric and leather furnishings and carpets. We always do our utmost to completely remove any trace of the marked section. Initially we assess the stain to determine whether it is water, oil or pathogen-based, before selecting the appropriate cleaning solution and process.


It is worth noting that in general the newer the stain the greater chance there is of complete removal. Using your own products and methods to remove a stain prior to our arrival may detrimentally impact on the level of our success.

Child And Pet Friendly

Our cleaning products are pet and child friendly.

We Can Move Furniture

We can help move small furniture on request.

Non Toxic & Safe

All our cleaning processes do Not Use Harsh or Toxic Chemicals.

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Leather Upholstery Cleaning Service

Whilst so many people have leather upholstery, It is not looked after as it should be.  Here at GoFresh Direct we have the experience, knowhow, how to prolong the life of your leather furniture. 


If leather is not looked after properly the fibres can go dry leading to cracks and deterioration of the leather. We at GoFresh Direct can clean and condition your leather furniture, so it looks fresh and clean as the day it was bought.

Mattress Cleaning Services

At GoFresh Direct our technicians use the latest cleaning solutions, have many years experience, are fully insured and offer a fantastic level of customer service when it comes to Mattress Cleaning.


We use a unique range of treatments designed to clean every type of Mattress.


Many of our customers are fortunate not to suffer from allergies but are comforted by the idea that they do not share their beds or mattress with millions of dust mites every night.

Clean and fresh mattresses

Our technicians use specialist mattress cleaning and sanitising treatments not only to remove general dirt, bad odours and stains but to also remove the nasties hygienically and without using toxic chemicals too.


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We use child and pet friendly products and we manage our projects with the skill and experience that our clients have come to expect.