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Stain & Odours

Why Choose Us?

We have tried, tested methods for all stain, spotting and odour removal. Our technicians success rate is very high.


We are able to remove the following stains or odours:

Red win, grease, oil, vomit, urine, blood, coffee, tea, rust, chocolate, ketch up, ink, make up nail varnish , paint, soft drinks, kids slime and many more.


All of our experience technicians are up to date with the all the latest methods, equipment, chemicals and are regularly trained.

Child And Pet Friendly

Our cleaning products are pet and child friendly

We Can Move Furniture

We can help move small furniture on request.

Non Toxic & Safe

All our cleaning processes do Not Use Harsh or Toxic Chemicals.

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Stain And Odour Services Nottingham And Loughborough

We carry around 20 different chemicals for all types of stain, spotting or odour treatment.

 We first inspect the area that is stained.
 After analysing, we always test the products we are about to use on a small area where it is not seen, on the carpet or fabric
 We then pre wash,  extract to remove any impurities left in the carpets or upholstery
 We treat the areas with the chosen solutions.  This may require agitation or dwell time between 5-15 minutes depending on the chemicals that are used.  We then blot out and never rub. to take out the staining or odours.
 We then extract again to remove the chemicals that have been applied.
 The processes may have to be repeated several times before the stains, odours have been removed  before our technicians are totally happy with the outcome.

All of your carpets and fabric areas will have been deodorized and sanitised , leaving your carpets or upholstery stain and odour free, smelling fresh as new.


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We use child and pet friendly products and we manage our projects with the skill and experience that our clients have come to expect.