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Throughout the day, the furnishings around us receive plenty of use, whether you’re at home, the workplace, or in other commercial settings. With so much day-to-day use, caring for your furniture is important, to keep it looking fresh and to ensure a long lifespan. Finding an upholstery cleaning service in Nottingham isn’t a problem. Call us at Go Fresh Direct, our cleaning services are efficient, effective, and always meet the highest standards. 

Upholstery cleaning Nottingham

Choose an established upholstery cleaner that uses proven cleaning methods

Behind the cleaning methods is a high level of professionalism and experience. It is important that we maintain this at all times to ensure customer satisfaction. If your fabrics are delicate or if you suffer from allergies, there’s no need for concern. Our cleaning process starts with a fabric test to determine which solutions and methods are best. Once treatment is decided and your furnishings are cleaned, we will thoroughly vacuum your fabric with a commercial vacuum.

Any stains on your fabrics are cleaned with high-quality stain removers. We use trusted, reliable solutions that are agitated into the fabric to remove stains and dirt particles.

Why choose Go Fresh Direct for your upholstery cleaning requirements?

Our company has built an established reputation for cleaning upholstery. We use our experience and knowledge to apply the proper treatment to each piece of furniture, Each cleaning assignment is undertaken with consummate professionalism and the utmost care.

Our services breathe new life into your furnishings, cleaning them and leaving them looking fresh and new. Upholstery cleaning extends the lifespan of furnishings and contributes to a healthy environment for people using them. A professional fabric clean also improves the quality of surfaces and removes nasty odours.

What do you get when you use our upholstery cleaning service?

When you choose to employ Go Fresh Direct to take care of your upholstered needs, we guarantee that:

  • Our cleaning products and methods are pet-safe and baby-friendly, giving you peace of mind that your loved ones are safe
  • We will apply years of knowledge and experience when deep cleaning upholstery, including special treatment for the more delicate fabrics.
  • Our team will hand-select cleaning products and only choose the most suitable cleaning methods. This will ensure optimal results for your furnishings.

Whether you’re looking for a thorough clean or the removal of tough stains, we will do our utmost to get your soft furnishings looking like new. 

We specialise in sofa cleaning and stain removal

Sofas and other upholstered furniture are often frequently used. This can expose them to a considerable degree of wear and tear. Your upholstery may need to be cleaned from time to time to remove entrenched grime and stains that have accumulated. Regular sofa cleaning is essential due to the wear and tear caused by stains, perspiration, and dirt. There are also pet odours to consider if you keep animals, especially if you allow them on your sofa and other upholstery. Our specialists employ cutting-edge, quick-drying cleaning equipment that is efficient and effective. Our cleaning engineers boast years of experience, which is evident once a clean is completed. Customers have peace of mind knowing that we are fully insured and always clean to the highest standards.

Our team offers a high-quality carpet cleaning service

We also specialize in cleaning home and commercial carpets. Before you panic or consider replacing them, give us a call. We are confident that our team is capable of tackling the toughest dirt and stains. Whether it’s liquids, ingrained dirt and grime or odours, we will put every effort into restoring your carpets and giving them a fresh, clean look. 

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Find out more about our upholstery cleaning and stain removal services. Our staff are happy to discuss your cleaning requirements over the phone, or you can contact us online. Domestic and commercial enquiries welcome.