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Outstanding rug cleaning Nottingham

We offer rug cleaning Nottingham at your home or we will take it away to our shop for a truly thorough clean. When we take your rugs for deeper cleaning we are able to remove deeply embedded soil and grit. We are able to clean deeper and remove more stains than cleaning it in situ cleanings. For rugs that require it, we have special dry cleaning processes that are gentler on more sensitive materials. All the various cleaning processes we use will revitalize their materials and brighten them to look newer. We offer only the best methods of cleaning your rugs in your home or in our workshop.

The steps for off-site Rug cleaning Nottingham are:

1. Your rug is pre-vacuumed, then put through a beater process on both sides to dislodge any loose dry soils.

2. Spot treating is hand done for stains, any fringes, and any pet stains are treated. ( The processing may last 24 hours) To kill bacteria and odour.

3. Pilate the fibres of the rugs after pretreating with a crystallizing cleaning agent and using a rotary machine or possibly by hand.

4. Revacuum to remove loose and ingrained debris captured by the crystal cleaning agents.

5. We remove soil from deep down into the materials of the rug using a high powered extraction machine several times until the rug is completely as spotless as possible.

6. Inspect and repeat any processes that is still needed.

7. Thoroughly vacuum the rug until fresh and dry.

8. We carefully return the rug(s) to the client.